The 'Montepio d'Assistència Sanitària Col·legial d'Assegurances ‘Dr. Luis Sans Solà' MPS a Quota Fixa' has, since its creation, been an exclusive and compulsory mutual society for partner doctors of Assistència Sanitària and members of Autogestió Sanitària.

The aim of the organisation is to offer its members a series of services and assistance covering the misfortunes included in its statutes and regulations.

The monthly fees members pay cover the following concepts as described in the statutes: support for professional dedication, attention to invalid children and indemnity for death.

The Montepio, for its part, has a sponsoring partner, Assistència Sanitària itself, which, thanks to its contribution, covers what is called the complementary service for professional dedication, which is paid to doctors over 70 years of age who, for reasons of age, have gradually reduced their professional activity, having collaborated actively in attending to all those Assistència Sanitària insured persons who have freely chosen them.