Why Assistència Sanitària?

For the last 57 years, Assistència Sanitària has gradually become established as the sector's health insurer with the best guarantee of quality in its attention to insured persons. And it's not only us who say so. Doctors working for insurance companies also said so in the annual survey published by the Col•legi de Metges de Barcelona (Barcelona Professional Medical Association), audited by experts at the University of Barcelona. What's more, we at Assistència Sanitària weigh up the work of our doctors every year, updating and increasing their professional fees, in clear contrast with the policy governing the relationship between most of the sector's insurers and their doctors.

Among other important content reflecting different aspects of the company, it reveals Assistència Sanitària's unflinching commitment in the fight against cancer, explains an approach to work that prioritises specialist committees and excellence, reviews the importance of tools based on new technologies for giving insured persons the best attention and describes successful innovative projects such as PAPPA and Gravida.

At the same time, we have wanted to underline the prime importance of the economy in our way of understanding the world as a collective experience in which the wish to serve dominates over profit and where co-management between doctor and end-user is the basis of the system.

In short, thanks to the trust of insured persons and professionals, Assistència Sanitària maintains its backing for quality private healthcare because for us, as doctors, more than anything else, the health of the insured person is our trade.

Dr Ignacio Orce

Chairman, Assistència Sanitària

A model of care that is the best for the insured person and fair on the doctor
This year, once again, Assistència Sanitària, true to its remunerative policy, is increasing the remuneration for medical acts according to the increase in the consumer price index (CPI).

In a philosophy that hinges on the two main principles of health self-management and the autonomy of the insured person, freedom is a ubiquitous value, both in the patient's choice of doctor and in medical practice. To guarantee compliance with this formula and in an exercise of responsibility, Assistència Sanitària makes a constant effort to assess the work of its doctors and keep their fees up to date so that they are fairly remunerated in proportion to their work and dedication. This is why, each year, the company allocates most of its resources directly to payment of professional fees. This can be seen in the results of this opinion poll held each year by the Association of Physicians of Barcelona, which ranks Assistència Sanitària first among healthcare companies. Assistència Sanitària has been the most highly valued company.


From the point of view of the medical profession, the increase in fees takes on special importance bearing in mind, first of all, the adjustments in public health and, secondly, the freeze, the considerable reductions and even restrictions in payments for medical attention which some companies in the insurance sector have put forward in recent times. In this context, Assistència Sanitària is still, by far, one of the companies that best remunerates medical attention. This is even more noticeable in specialities such as family medicine and paediatrics, where the differences can amount to more than twice what other companies pay.

Remaining true to its principles, something as natural as it is intuitive, Assistència Sanitària has, at a time of upheaval, managed to establish a sustainable model that is fair on the doctor and, at the same time, does not forget the interests of its insured persons, who continue to receive the best possible medical attention.