The Second Opinion Programme is available for insured persons (*) who have been diagnosed with a fatal or incurable illness or one that severely compromises their life quality, or if the treatment proposed involves a high risk to life.

An expert physician studies the information the insured person submits to Assistència and issues a report which is sent directly to the applicant or the person the patient has authorised to act on his/her behalf.

In exceptional cases, the expert may request further tests or examinations in order to give his/her opinion. If these tests are included under the patient's policy, Assistència will cover the amount.


How can I request a second opinion?

  • Fill in the attached application form or the one provided for you at our offices. (Download file|)
  • Submit the application to the Assistència offices.
  • Attach the originals of the medical reports and examinations you have; X-rays or other results of diagnostic tests, anatomical pathology tests, laboratory tests, etc.

* see cover




The Second Opinion - Interconsultation Programme has been launched for the benefit of physicians in the Medical Pool who want to comment on the case of a patient insured by Assistència who suffers from an illness diagnosed as fatal, incurable or seriously compromising their life quality, or when the proposed treatment involves a high risk to life.

This service will be attended by experts in the different fields of medicine and the report on the consultation will be sent directly to the requesting doctor.


How can I request a second opinion?

  • Send a report on the case, along with the result of the examinations performed, indicating the name and policy number of the insured person to:
    • Av. Josep Tarradellas, 123 - 127, 4a planta, 08029, de Barcelona (At. Dept. Atenció al Metge)
  • Provide a telephone number and e-mail address for contacting you.