Assistència Sanitària Oncology Service

Assistència Sanitària's Oncology Service is an exclusive service for our policyholders. Located on the 3th floor of the Hospital de Barcelona, it's staffed by recognised specialists and organised according to the type of pathology.

The aim of the service is to attend to all those insured people with cancer from the moment they are diagnosed, improving coordination and continuity between levels of care and specialists. Patients will be attended to both during hospitalisation and during outpatient follow-up care.

This service offers the doctor:

Consultation for therapeutic decision-making: When cancer is diagnosed, the doctor making the diagnosis will contact Assistència Sanitària's Oncology Service to assess the case and reach a joint decision on the best possible treatment in each situation.

Specific Tumour Committees for each pathology: The different committees meet every week and daily consultations are also available if necessary for urgent cases.


This service offers the patient:

Cancer consultation with recognised specialists who will coordinate the whole process from the word go.
Nursing Hotline: On weekdays, from 9 am to 7 pm, specialist nurses will provide quick answers to patients' questions and needs.
Palliative Care Service: A service available at home and during hospitalisation providing patients with integrated attention for controlling symptoms and improving life quality. It also provides support for the patient's family.
Psycho-oncology: During hospitalisation, psychological attention is provided for the patient and his/her family in the different stages of the illness.
Day Hospital: Administration of cancer medication at the Hospital de Barcelona, under the supervision of the Oncology and Pharmacy Services.
The suitability of the treatment prescribed is assessed using a computer system which allows monitoring and traceability of medication from its prescription and preparation in special cabins to its administration to the patient, thereby increasing the degree of safety and reducing errors in medication to a minimum.
High complexity cancer surgery: The aim is to expedite the flow of complex cases to professionals specialising in cancer surgery.


How to contact the Assistència Sanitària Oncology Service

To make an appointment, phone  93 254 24 44

To make an appointment for Day Hospital treatment, phone 93 254 25 03

Nursing Hotline: 639 652 031

Scias. Hospital de Barcelona
Avinguda Diagonal, 660. 08034 Barcelona
3th Floor