Assistència Sanitària's new home service answers parents' doubts and offers guidance on caring for newborn children.

Assistència Sanitària offers the NADO programme (Nounats amb Assistència Domiciliària Orientativa/Newborn Children with Home Care and Guidance), a complete, exclusive service that offers home visits to insured women in Barcelona area following childbirth. At the same time, the service is complemented with a telephone contact to answer doubts and provide guidance during a time when there are a number of things that need to be taken into account.

The aim of the new programme is to help parents face possible problems they might come across in caring for their newborn child in the first days after returning home. This care complements, rather than replacing, the role of the paediatrician or gynaecologist and will be provided by nurses from the Paediatrics - Neonatology Service at the Hospital de Barcelona, who are experts in caring for newborn children.

Appointments can be made on the customer services line (619 501 665, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm) for a nurse to make a home visit to advise parents on basic aspects such as breastfeeding, umbilical cord care, bathing or massage.

The Mother and Child Department of the Hospital de Barcelona also offers a complete caring service for mother and baby:

  • Birth unit with individual labour room where the accompanying person can be present at all times. Attached newborn care and resuscitation unit.
  • Maternity and healthy baby ward.
  • Neonatal Unit, avoiding the need for your baby to be moved to another hospital should intensive neonatal care be necessary.
  • Paediatrics ward.
  • Paediatrics Emergency Department.
  • Intensive Care Unit for adults for those rare cases involving serious complications for the mother and requiring intensive care.
  • Internal medicine for high-risk pregnancies. Your gynaecologist can request the assistance of a specialist for monitoring any medical problems that may arise during pregnancy.
  • The Hospital has a gynaecologist, a midwife, a paediatrician, a neonatologist, and an anaesthetist on the premises 24 hours a day, as well as all the other specialists needed for attending to any eventuality that might arise in caring for the pregnant woman and her child.
  • If you would like to visit the facilities before admission, you can contact the staff at the Delivery Room (Tel. 93 254 24 17, Ms Ana Cruz) for an appointment.
  • What's more, we provide you with this leaflet with guidance for when it comes to preparing clothes and other things you and your baby will need during your stay in hospital. Canastreta|