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Assistència Sanitària Oncology Service

Assistència Sanitària's Oncology Service is an exclusive service for our policyholders. Located on the 3th floor of the Hospital de Barcelona, it's staffed by recognised specialists and organised according to the type of pathology.

The aim of the service is to attend to all those insured people with cancer from the moment they are diagnosed, improving coordination and continuity between levels of care and specialists. Patients will be attended to both during hospitalisation and during outpatient follow-up care.

This service offers the doctor:

This service offers the patient:

  • Cancer consultation with recognised specialists who will coordinate the whole process from the word go.
  • Nursing Hotline: On weekdays, from 9 am to 7 pm, specialist nurses will provide quick answers to patients' questions and needs.
  • Palliative Care Service: A service available at home and during hospitalisation providing patients with integrated attention for controlling symptoms and improving life quality. It also provides support for the patient's family.
  • Psycho-oncology: During hospitalisation, psychological attention is provided for the patient and his/her family in the different stages of the illness.
  • Day Hospital: Administration of cancer medication at the Hospital de Barcelona, under the supervision of the Oncology and Pharmacy Services.
    The suitability of the treatment prescribed is assessed using a computer system which allows monitoring and traceability of medication from its prescription and preparation in special cabins to its administration to the patient, thereby increasing the degree of safety and reducing errors in medication to a minimum.
  • High complexity cancer surgery: The aim is to expedite the flow of complex cases to professionals specialising in cancer surgery.
  • Stoma Nurse Clinic: The stoma nurse (nurse specializing in the case of ostomized patients) clinic provides attention to patients in the Day Hospital, helps them to minimize problems in getting back to their daily life and to clear up any doubts about care, material and possible complications.

How to contact the Assistència Sanitària Oncology Service

To make an appointment, phone 93 254 24 44

To make an appointment for Day Hospital treatment, phone 93 254 25 03

Nursing Hotline: 639 652 031

Scias. Hospital de Barcelona
Avinguda Diagonal, 660. 08034 Barcelona
3th Floor

More information: The Assistència Sanitària Oncology Service

SCIAS - Hospital de Barcelona

Hospital de Barcelona is a private institution exclusively for the use of Assistència Sanitària insured persons.

It has the human and technical infrastructure necessary to respond to any medical or surgical eventuality. It is an open hospital, which means you can be treated by the specialist of your choice. It has an emergency service that works 24 hours a day all year round.

It aims to provide care of the highest quality, both from the technical point of view and in its human dealings. To this end it is equipped with the latest technology and a workforce that is constantly refreshing its knowledge.

Magnetic Resonance FCB

Located in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, Assistència Sanitària's new centre for magnetic resonance makes highly advanced health technology available to Barça's players, but also to our users. Thanks to this service, both the Club and Assistència can diagnose lesions and problems with greater precision and speed.

TELEPHONE: 93 496 78 98

Home Emergency Service - SUD

An exclusive service for insured persons with Assistència Sanitària, which undertakes to send a doctor to the patient's home, in half an hour in Barcelona city and in three quarters of an hour in the rest of the towns in the province.

SUD TELEPHONE: 93 280 33 66

Centre Mèdic FC Barcelona - ASC

Assistència Sanitària has a continuous trauma attention service, which attends to minor emergencies requiring immediate attention.


Opening hours: 9 am to 8 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Centre d’Atenció continuada de Traumatologia – Assistència Sanitària
Provença, 282, 08008, Barcelona
Tel. 93 495 22 22

Assistència Sanitària Comprehensive Traveller Attention Clinic (CAIVAS)

If you are planning a trip to a foreign country that requires some kind of medical protection, get in touch with CAIVAS, located at Hospital de Barcelona.

There you will receive guidance on what steps you should take, the health precautions required depending on the destination country and what vaccines you need.

In addition, it offers an e-mail consultation service during your journey if you have already had a visit at the clinic before setting out.

Tel. 932 542 401


Programme of Attention to the Pluripathological Patient (PAPPA)

PAPPA program approach model is based on an individualised, dynamic, and structured diagnostic process that allows to detect and quantify the problems, needs and abilities of the multi-pathological patient in the clinical, functional, mental, and social fields.

PAPPA’s goal is to adapt the health care provided to chronic patients, working from a holistic view that guarantees suitable, effective, and quality medical care.

To meet this need, comprehensive geriatric assessment becomes the main work tool.

A home care model provides continuous home care by healthcare professionals dealing with chronic disease decompensations or intercurrent acute processes, with an approach to the different geriatric syndromes, complex treatments, and health education, as well as palliative care in an end-of-life situation.

A periodic evaluation of the results is carried out with the aim of properly managing resources and planning actions according to the real needs of these people and the benefits of the established treatments.

PAPPA program attends and treats its patients at home due to their limited personal autonomy and vulnerability, in order to avoid unnecessary transfers to Hospital and ensure a better quality of life in their environment.

High-Risk Pregnancy Care Unit

This unit is for attending to pregnant women with associated medical problems, and provides the necessary diagnosis and monitoring to avoid complications during gestation.

The patient's obstetrician will work together with a specialist in internal medicine to ensure correct development of the pregnancy and minimise the risks for mother and foetus.

This is a consultation service available to Assistència Sanitària's gynaecologists. Patients can not access it directly, but can only be referred to it by their own gynaecologist via an Assistència Sanitària Service Application Form.

Appointments can be made by phone on 93 254 24 52 and the number of the application form and name of the gynaecologist must be supplied.

Palliative Care Service

This service is aimed at treatment and care during the final stages of cancer, both in hospital and in the patient's own home.

It does not treat the acute stage of the illness but is intended to provide the patient with the greatest possible comfort in this last stage of life. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

BIOPAT - Molecular Biology Laboratory

BIOPAT is a reference laboratory intended to bring new scientific and technological breakthroughs in molecular biology to the sphere of healthcare.

It offers a wide range of molecular tests that provide the specialist doctor responsible for your case with essential help in the diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses and allows personalised treatment - that is, adaptation of treatment to the characteristics of each patient.

In addition, it develops different lines of research in oncology.


Gravida - Advanced fertility centre

A centre specialising in the comprenhensive treatment of fertility and assisted human reproduction. It is located at Hospital de Barcelona and has the most advanced technology for treating human fertility.

It has obtained excellent results in reproduction.

Tel. 932 066 489


Osteoarticular Infection Clinic

The Osteoarticular Infection Clinic (CLIO), a support service for Assistència Sanitària doctors to treat patients with infection, attended by members of the Internal Medicine Service. Together with the doctor responsible for the patient, they will decide the most appropriate treatment in each case.

Osteoarticular Infection Clinic (CLIO)